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Business Guide Package

Business Guide Package
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Human Resources in a Franco-British company can only be fully understood and implemented with an appreciation of cross-cultural attitudes in business situations. These two bilingual books therefore complement each other, offering both practical advice and expert opinions:

The HR Guide: Whether you are working within a large HR team, operating as an external advisor or are a business leader with responsibilities for the HR aspects of your organisation, this guide will help you to prepare for the particularities of managing employees in the UK. Written by members of the French Chamber of Great Britain’s HR Forum, the booklet provides an overview of HR topics, reflecting the strong legal basis of the UK employment landscape, and is full of valuable testimonials, tips and advice. It is a particularly useful reference tool for UK subsidiaries of French companies to help them clarify the differences between UK and French HR practices for their French headquarters.

Light at the end of the tunnel / Le piège de la resemblance: This cross-cultural guide is both highly-functional and helpful as well as deeply based on real-life experience of Chamber members. Its brilliant insights, sometimes laced with humour, shed a new light on the way that the two cultures relate to each other, in life as well as business.  

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