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Results of the survey of international businesses on the potential effect of Brexit

Press release - London, 13 May 2016


International companies say Brexit would be negative for their businesses

An overwhelming majority of international businesses (78%) from seven countries believe that Brexit would be negative for them, according to a survey by Ipsos MORI. A handful (5%) think a vote for Brexit in the 23rd June referendum would be positive for their business, with the remainder saying either that the effect would be neither positive nor negative (13%) or that they do not know (4%). Among those saying the impact would be negative, more think the impact would be “very” rather than “fairly” negative (44% very, 34% fairly).

Respondents were asked a follow-up question about the impact of Brexit on likely future investment in the UK. A clear majority say that this impact would most likely be negative (61%); a few (5%) take the opposite view. Around one in four say that Brexit would most likely have no effect either way (27%) with a further 7% unsure either way. How negative might Brexit be, according to these businesses? One in three (33%) say the impact in terms of future investment in the UK would be “very negative” – i.e. a decrease in investment greater than 10% than would otherwise be the case – while slightly fewer (28%) believe Brexit would have a “fairly negative” impact i.e. there would be a decrease in their level of investment, but of less than 10%.

Fieldwork was conducted between 19 April -2 May 2016.

Technical details: Ipsos MORI conducted 667 online interviews with member businesses with UK operations belonging to the bilateral Chambers of Commerce of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.


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Media contacts:
For further information, contact Florence Gomez Managing Director of the French Chamber of Commerce of Great Britain
For technical information, contact Brian Gosschalk of Ipsos MORI


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