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join-now-purple-fotolia-resWe currently have 600 Member Companies which are divided as follows:

  • 80 Patron Members
  • 115 Corporate Members
  • 400 Active Members

How to become a member:

Simply click on Join Now and fill out the application form.  We welcome membership at 3 different levels geared to respective needs and interests. Our 2014 fees are as follows:

Patron - £6945 + VAT

This most exclusive level of membership is composed of top tier executives from blue chip companies. Patron membership provides the best visibility and the widest range of benefits from the French Chamber, such as 6-10 annual 'Patron Only' events free of charge with up to 10 nominated company representatives.

Current Patron Members


Corporate - £2425 + VAT

This intermediate level of membership allows mid-caps SMEs and organisations to take a transverse approach at the French Chamber for networking, taking advantage of extensive invitations including an exclusive annual  'Patron and Corporate' event, regular Ambassadors' Briefs and Forums & Clubs with up to 5 nominated representatives.


Active - £699 + VAT

Great value for money! This level of membership is the perfect choice for SMEs, Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups allowing the benefits of the French Chamber's services, with one company representative.

It is very easy to join, simply contact  by email David Johnson, Senior Business Development & Start-Up LAB Manager or fill out the membership request form.

For further information about joining please contact the membership team on +44 (0) 20 7092 6636

New Members

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