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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make the most of my membership with the minimum of fuss?

Our members have access to dedicated Account Managers who assist them in the use of our Chamber services in order to help them promote their company. Do not hesitate to contact the Membership team.

My budget dedicated to marketing is limited, how can the French Chamber assist?

By being a member of our Chamber, you will have the opportunity to develop your company visibility without investing heavy cost in marketing or advertising. The entry level of Membership as an Active member will cost you less than £55/ month and will noticeably contribute to your business development. Your company will save money focusing on B2B networking rather than traditional marketing. Networking at the French Chamber would allow you to nurture long lasting relationships with potential clients and business partners or suppliers.

What if I am only interested in meeting specific members or industry sectors?

Please let us know who you would like to meet. By returning your 'Wish List' Form we will keep you informed as to which event is relevant to your business as well as facilitate business introductions at the event.


Is there such a thing as free visibility in your publications?

All members benefit from free visibility in our members directory, as well as in our Member to Member Offers Booklet.

Furthermore, members are encouraged to submit articles on a complimentary basis for business news and editorial committees, in accordance with the themes being addressed in INFO our bi-monthly magazine.

How can I ensure that you are kept informed of the developments within my company?
Simply add us to your direct marketing mailing lists and we will ensure that your business developments will be advertised in our different publications or put us in touch with your press department.
What if I have not got the time to attend all of your events?

Depending on your level of membership, you may be allowed to nominate one or more of your colleagues to attend an event on your behalf.

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