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Past Climate Change Forum sessions 

 Date 24 November 2016  
 Theme  "Smart Cities"  
 Speaker  Michael Dodd, Head of Section, Markets and Policy Development, DNV GL  
 Additional Ressources  More INFO coming soon  

 Date  27 September 2016  
 Theme  Update on the science behind Climate Change: the Met Office  
 Speaker  Katy Richardson, Applied Climate Scientist, The Met Office  
 Additional Ressources  "What is the science behind Climate Change?" Article in INFO Magazine Nov / Dec 2016  

Date 3 August 2016  
Theme Visit of Dungeness B Nuclear Power Station  
 Additional Ressources  'A visit to Dungeness B nuclear station' article in INFO Magazine Sep/Oct 2016

 Date  14 June 2016  
 Theme  'The view from Insurance companies'  
 Speaker  Nassim Amara, Head of Sales, Climate Secure and Birgit Roeper-Gruener, Director, Insurance Ratings at S&P Global Ratings  
 Additional Ressources  'The view from insurers' article in INFO Magazine Sep/Oct 2016

Date  26/04/2016  
Theme   To winning hearts and minds around Climate Change  
Speaker   Stephanie Godderidge, Climate & Us Programme Manager, EDF Energy  
Additional Ressources   More INFO coming soon  

Date 22/03/2016  
Theme   The view from the Green Investment Bank  
Speaker  Laurence Mulliez, NED, Green Investment Bank  
Additional Resources   'The view from the Green Investment Bank' article in INFO Magazine May/Jun 2016

Date 9/02/2016  
Theme 'Lessons from COP21'  

Robert Milnes, Manager, Climate Change & Sustainability, PwC
and Ruth Mhlanga, Private Sector Policy Advisor, Oxfam

Additional Resources 'Outcome & implications of COP21article in INFO Magazine March/April 2016
'Climate Change is everyone's business' artcile in INFO Magazine March/April 2016

Date 24/11/2015  
Theme  'Adaptation in Climate Change'   
Speaker   Richard Brown, Chairman of Department for Transport Franchising Advisory Panel  
Additional Resources   'Tidal Lagoon Power - a new solution to an immediate problem' article in INFO Magazine January/February 2016

Date 20/10/2015  
Theme 'Tidal Lagoon Power, a new landscape of energy in the UK'  
Speaker  Paul Leslie, Development Director Northern France, Tidal Lagoon Power  
Additional Resources  More INFO coming soon  

 Date  08/09/2015  
Theme   'Multi-comfort house and buildings' Visit of Saint Gobain's Innovation Center in London  
Speaker   Richard Halderthay, Director of Communications, Saint-Gobain Delegation UK, Ireland & South Africa  
Additional Resources   More INFO coming soon  

Date  09/06/2015  
Theme  'COP 21'  

 Benoît Ronez, Energy and Climate Attaché, French Embassy
 Robert Milnes, Manager specialised in Climate Change and Sustainability, PwC

Additional Resources  COP21: Analysis of the UN negotiations' impact on business article in INFO Magazine July/August 2015



Theme 'Energy storage: how new batteries can unlock the renewable market'  
Speaker Scott McGregor, CEO, Camco Clean Energy  
Additional Resources More INFO coming soon.  

Date 10/02/2015  
Theme 'Passenger travel in London'  
Speaker Lilli Matson, Head of Delivery Planning, Transport for London  
Additional Resources Concepts and challenges in reducing CO2 from surface transport in London presentation by Lilli Matson  

Date 2/12/2014  
Theme  'The Juncker € 300 billion plan and the bio energy megatrend - Business and investments opportunities in Europe’  
Speaker  Jean-Michel Sylvestre, Chairman & CEO of Charmont Investments  
Additional Resources   More INFO coming soon  

 Date 21/10/2014  
 Theme 'Tidal Energy'  
 Speaker Rob Stevenson, Vice-President, Ocean Energy, Alstom Power  
Additional Resources Ocean Energy Overview presentation by Rob Stevenson
'Tidal energy' article in INFO Magazine January/February 2015

Date  09/09/2014  
Theme 'The green economy - how to finance sustainability?'  
Speakers  James Cameron, Chairman of Climate Change Capital and Josué Tanaka, Managing Director, Operational Strategy and Planning, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change, EBRD.  
Additional Resources  Josué Tanaka's presentation on 'Scaling up environmental finance'
'The green economy - how to finance sustainability' article in INFO Magazine November/December 2014

Date 17/06/2014
Theme Summer Climate Change Visit
Venue PwC, 7 More London and Veolia, Southwark Material Recovery Facility
Speakers Trevor Rollings, Senior Facilities Manager, PwC, David Adair, Head of Community Affairs, PwC and Fabrice Bouchon, General Manager,  Southwark Material Recovery Facility
Additional Resources See pictures of the visit here
'Climate Change Forum visit' article in INFO Magazine July/August 2014

Date 29/04/2014
Theme 'The European Climate Change Agenda'
Venue The French Chamber 
Speaker Alastair Harper, Head of politics, Green Alliance

Date 04/02/14
Theme 'Building Green Cities'
Venue The French Chamber
Speakers Michel Mossessian, Design Prinipal, Arch. D.P.L.G (Paris), MdesS (Harvard GSD), RIBA, ARB and Founder of mossessian and partners and Aleksandra Njagulj, Sustainability Manager, Bouygues UK
Additional Resources

Both presentations available on request- email Frédérique Compain 

'Building Green Cities' article in INFO Magazine, March/April 2014 

Date 12/11/13
Theme 'Staff Engagement' 
Venue The French Chamber 
Speakers Mark Thompson, Director, Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC, Brian Doherty, Sustainability Communications Lead, Capgemini, and Dr. Jonathan Foot, Chief Environmental Strategy and Compliance Officer, EDF Energy
Additional Resources

All 3 presentations are available on request- email Frédérique Compain  


'Sustainability and staff engagement' article in INFO Magazine (January/February 2014) 

Date 10/09/13
Theme 'Research and Innovation'
Venue The French Chamber
Speakers Zsolt Gemesi, Deputy Director, Climate- KIC UK and Thanh-Tâm Le, Director, Climate- KIC, France
Additional Resources

Presentation by Zsolt Gemesi available on request 


'Research and innovation' article in INFO Magazine,  (November/December 2013) 

Date 23/07/13
Venue  Visit of Veolia Environmental Services' Energy Recovery Facility (ERF), Newhaven 
Additional Resources

Click here for more information about the Energy Recovery Facility (ERF), Newhaven

'Visit to Veolia's Newhaven Energy Recovery Facility' article in INFO magazine (September/ October 2013)  

Date 28/05/13
Theme 'Resource Scarcity' 
Venue The French Chamber 
Speaker Tom Barnett, Account Director, Trucost
Additional Resources


'Resource Scarcity, natural capital and building sustainable models' article in INFO magazine (July/August 2013)

Date 21/05/13
Theme 'A roundtable discussion with Nicolas Hulot, Special Envoy of the French President for protecting the planet.
Venue The French Chamber
Speaker Nicolas Hulot, Special Envoy of the French President for protecting the planet
Additional Resources

Photographs of the session 

'Resource Scarcity & Visit of Nicolas Hulot' article in INFO Magazine (July/August 2013)   

Date 16/04/13
Theme 'Building Green'
Venue The French Chamber
Speaker Aleksandra NjaguljSustainability Manager, Bouygues UK. 
Additional Resources


'Building Green' article in INFO Magazine (May/June 2013 )

Date 05/02/13
Theme 'Making the UK's Electricty Market Reforms a Success'
Venue The French Chamber
Speaker Dr. Chris Anastasi, Head of Government Affairs, Policy and Regulation at GDF Suez Energy UK-Europe
Additional Resources

'UK Electricity Market' Article in INFO Magazine (March/April 2013)


Date 11/12/12
Theme 'Funding the Green Economy'
Venue The French Chamber
Speaker Simon Pringle, Head of Sustainability and Cleantech, BDO LLP
Additional Resources
'Strategies for Sustainability' Article in INFO Magazine (March/April 2013)

Date 30/10/12                                                                                                            
Venue  Visit of Capgemini's Merlin Data Center, Swindon 
Additional Resources 
Click here for more information about the Centre. 
Article on the visit in INFO Magazine (January/February 2013)

Date  25/09/12 
Theme  'Smart metering, smart grid' 
Venue  The French Chamber  
Speaker  Niels Roberts, Programme Director, Smart Metering, EDF Energy 
Additional Resources        
'Smart metering, smart grid' Article in INFO Magazine, November/December 2012.

Date  26/06/12
Theme  Roundtable 
Venue  The French Chamber  
Additional Resources 
'Challenging myths about business and the green agenda', Article in INFO Magazine, (August/September 2012)

Date 15/05/12 
Theme  'Financing and achieving a low carbon economy' 
Venue  The French Chamber  
Speaker  Zubair Zakir, Director of Carbon Sourcing, CarbonNeutral 
Additional Resources  Minutes

Date 28/02/12 
Theme  UK and France: Clean Energy 
Venue  The French Chamber 
Speaker  Angus McCrone, Chief Editor, Bloomberg New Energy Finance 
Additional Resources 


'Seeking your opinion on Climate Change', article in INFO Magazine (April/May 2012)

Date  10/01/12 
Theme  Case Studies and Survey preparation 
Venue  The French Chamber 
Speaker Philippe Paelinck, Director for CO2 Business Development, Alstom UK 
Additional Resources 
Presentation on Carbon Capture and Storage

Date 22/11/11 
Theme  Case Studies 
Venue  The French Chamber 
Speaker  Andy Heiron, Head of Electric Vehicle Programme, Renault UK Ltd 
Additional Resources 
Presentation on Renault Roadshow Z.E. Briefing

Date  06/09/11 
Theme  Case Studies 
Venue  The French Chamber 
Richard Brown, Chairman of Eurostar International Ltd
Marie Keller, Project Engineer, Veolia Environmental Services
Richard Kirkman, Head of Design for Technology and Operations, Veolia 
Additional Resources 
Presentation on Eurostar's Tread Lightly Programme
Presentation Carbon Reduction Commitment and Energy Efficiency Scheme

Date   05/07/11
Case Studies : 'Alstom: Challenges of the UK Power Generation'
'Veolia: Turning waste into a resource'
Venue  The French Chamber  
Stephen Burgin, CEO Alstom UK
Richard Kirkman, Head of Design for Technology and Operations, Veolia 
Additional Resources  Minutes

Date  11/04/11 
Theme  Launching Session 
Venue The French Chamber
Additional Resources
Article on the Forum's launch in INFO Magazine (June/July 2011).



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