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International Tasting - Wine, spirits & beer



Date: Wednesday 23 September, 18.30-20.30
Where: Church House Conference Centre, Dean's Yard, Westminster, London SW1P 3NZ
In partnership with 12 Chambers of Commerce
Champagne partner: Vranken Pommery
Wine partner: The Crus Classés de Graves
Cost: £30+VAT per person; £40+VAT per person for non-members

For more information, please contact Sonia Olsen at 0207 092 6644.



Do not miss the 7th edition of this unique and multicultural event


Join us for this multicultural event and let your senses experience a variety of global flavours without leaving London thanks to a selection of wines, spirits and beers from Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Spain…! Network with and meet members from other chambers and catch-up with existing contacts while sipping fantastic beverages from all over the world!

Organised in partnership with 12 Chambers of Commerce:



About our partners


Vranken-Pommery Monopole


Vranken-Pommery Monopole is the second largest Champagne group. With sites in Champagne, Provence, Camargue and Douro, it is Europe’s leading wine grower. Vranken Pommery UK will be showing cuvées from its leading Champagne Brands and two still Rosé wines from the Sable de Camargue and Côtes de Provence.
Click here to learn more about the selection of wine and champagne.

About Pommery

Champagne Pommery was established in 1836 when Alexandre Louis Pommery joined with Narcisse Greno and Henry Vasnier to form a Champagne House in Reims. Following the sudden death of her husband, Jeanne-Alexandrine Louise Pommery took over the running of the estate, and built Pommery’s very impressive Domaine with some of the finest cellars in Reims, with over 18 kilometres of galleries hollowed out of the chalk in Gallo-Roman times. At a depth of 30 metres underground, these cellars keep the maturing wine at a steady 10°C throughout the year. With her Chef de Cave, Madame Pommery also created the first successfully marketed Brut Champagne entitled Pommery Nature in 1874, at a time when most Champagnes were excessively sweetened by sugar. This pioneering spirit set the benchmark for the rest of Champagne with a focus on excellence, and ensured the enduring style of Pommery, with each unique Cuvée displaying delicacy, elegance and finesse.




About Heidsieck & Co Monopole

Heidsieck and Co Monopole is one of the original Champagne houses. Born just before the French revolution in 1785, during rapidly-changing times that would define the future, their champagnes accompanied the history of the new emerging France. Still evocative of their time, our cuvees blend the modern world and traditional savoir-faire with the same passion. As bearers of an exceptional history, we take great pleasure in sharing this human adventure that originated in one of the world’s finest wine-growing regions. The style of Heidsieck & C° Monopole is timeless, yet it has continued to evolve. Enter with us into this world where the past builds the future. Our champagnes grow and adapt to the changing world as they have done since the 18th century.

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The Crus Classés de Graves


The Crus Classés de Graves are fourteen specific prestigious estates that were classified great growths in 1953 and have the unusual distinction of being classified for both the red and white wines. One of them, the prestigious Château Haut-Brion was classified a first growth in 1855.

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