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Ambassador's Brief - May 2016



Date: Wednesday 11 May, 17.30-20.30
Where: At the French Residence, 11 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W8 
Host: HE Sylvie Bermann, French Ambassador to the United Kingdom
Speakers: Jean-Pierre Thébault, French Ambassador to Ireland; Jean-Manuel Lejeune, Business Operations Manager for RPS Group - Ireland; David Jullo, Head of EMEA mobile strategy, Google Dublin HQ and Olivier Melennec, Managing Director, CACI Ireland (Crédit Agricole)

Open to Patron & Corporate members as well as Chamber's Advisory Councillors
Please be advised that the debate will be in English

For further information, please contact Sonia Olsen at 0207 092 6641.




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The French Chamber requests the pleasure of your company at the next Ambassador's Brief. On this occasion, we will have the exclusive opportunity to hear from the French Ambassador to Ireland as well as French Foreign Trade Advisors. They will share their views on the present performance of the Irish economy and their personal business experiences on the Irish market. The debate will be followed by a Champagne reception

Theme: How can you leverage the Irish market to boost your business in the UK?

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About our speakers


Jean-Pierre Thébault
French Ambassador to Ireland

A diplomat by training, Mr. Thébault occupied a broad range of positions within the French diplomatic service, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as a diplomatic advisor to several Ministers. He held various posts in French Embassies across Europe, Asia and at the French mission to the UN in New York. In 2005- 2009, he was the French General Consul in Hong Kong. In 2010, he was appointed Ambassador in charge of Environment and Sustainable Development at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs until his assignment as the Ambassador to Ireland in February 2014.




Jean-Manuel Lejeune
Business Operations Manager for RPS Group - Ireland

RPS is Ireland’s leading planning, design, engineering, environmental and communications consultancy. Mr Lejeune arrived in Ireland in 1996 to implement Geographical Information System for National Strategy Studies (Roads, Light Rail, Environment & Waste Management, Pipeline and Windfarm, Flooding and Water Catchment monitoring). He then looked after for the implementation of Financial Project Management System and lean processes in the RPS Group. Jean-Manuel is currently responsible for the projects performance and the business development in Ireland and the UK.



Olivier Melennec
Managing Director of CACI Ireland

CACI Ireland is a subsidiary of Credit Agricole Insurance, selling Creditor Insurance products in 10 countries in Europe across the various Credit Agricole’s networks (both retail banks and consumer finance companies). With 130 persons and 12 nationalities, CACI has been elected “Best Place to Work” in Ireland 2015 and 2016. Olivier is also president of the “Conseillers du Commerce Exterieur la France” (CCEF) and is leading the financial group at the French Irish Chamber of Commerce.



David Jullo
Head of EMEA mobile strategy at Google Dublin HQ

Before joining Google, David worked at Oracle Paris and then at the EMEA Dublin HQ as a Sales Director France, Iberia, Italy. He experienced the entrepreneurship in 1999/2003 with an e-commerce platform for the agro-sector, company sold in 2003.

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