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Rendez-vous chez... Big Fernand



Date: Thursday 28 April, from 18.00 to 20.00
In partnership with Big Fernand
Where: 19 Percy St, London W1T 1DY
Cost: £20+VAT per person

Due to a restricted number of places, please note that this event is
limited to two participants per company

For further information, please contact Camille Gorin at 0207 092 6644.





About Big Fernand

Big Fernand opened in the heart of Fitzrovia last year, bringing their signature brand of hamburgés, burgers made with a pronounced French accent to London for the very first time. Their Percy St site has been open for almost a year and the restaurant is looking forward to their first birthday which they plan to celebrate in style with a series of collaborative events and special edition burgers sure to cement their status among the best burger restaurants in London.

The UK burger market is known for being very competitive, however Big Fernand believe they’ve got the edge by serving burgers made from premium Charolais beef topped with a range of French unpasteurised cheeses and home-made sauces and wrapped in their signature “pain de mie” bun. With over 20 outlets internationally, the team hasn’t ruled out opening more outlets in the UK. However given the popularity of their Percy St. branch, their loyal customers may yet see another Big Fernand restaurant in the near future. 




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