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Rendez-vous chez... Jeff de Bruges



Date: Wednesday 18 May, from 19.00 to 21.00
In partnership with Jeff de Bruges
Where: 30 Thurloe St, London SW7 2LT
Cost: £20+VAT per person

Due to a restricted number of places, please note that this event is
limited to two participants per company

For further information, please contact Anne-Claire Lo Bianco at 0207 092 6643.


       Jeff de Bruges BW


About Jeff de Bruges

With more than 450 shops around the world, Jeff de Bruges, the French company of Belgian chocolates has now open the only boutique in the UK in South Kensington.

Jeff de Bruges is bringing a “new twist” to tried-and-trusted recipes using nothing but “our own fancy and desire” as a guide. By combining the culinary cultures of gourmet Belgian chocolate and the chic flamboyancy of French Chocolate, Jeff de Bruges is exploring new avenues of creativity in a never-ending quest for new recipes and new ideas.

Jeff de Bruges attained its success based on the quality of its products and standard presentation of gift packaging on different occasions.


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