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About Altran


Altran is a leading global provider of high-tech engineering consultancy services. For over 30 years we have been defined by our passion for innovation. Our 21,000 employees world-wide are known as Innovation Makers. We add value by enabling our clients across sectors to work smarter in developing, deploying and maintaining leading-edge systems and products – from Formula One racing cars to critical national infrastructure. In the UK, Altran is active in the aerospace, defence, rail, automotive, energy, life sciences and telecoms sectors. We provide our services to clients through four integrated Group Solutions, international organisations with global delivery teams and centres of excellence in particular engineering disciplines. Our passion for innovation is reflected not just in the work we deliver for clients but in the partnerships that we develop to showcase our unique talent. The Altran Group is a long-term engineering partner of the ground-breaking Solar Impulse project, which aims to fly a solar-powered aircraft non-stop around the world. In the UK, Altran is a Technical Partner of Lotus F1 Team, delivering added value in one of the world's most advanced innovation environments. Altran is a Corporate Partner of the IET, playing an active role at the heart of the UK’s engineering and technology community. We are also proud to sponsor the 'Intelligent Systems' category of the IET Innovation Awards. Altran has UK offices, including secure facilities, in Bath, Bristol, London, Loughborough, Manchester, Slough and Warwick.                                                                                              ALTRAN CMYK  

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