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Finance Forum

Chaired by John Peachey, Managing Director - CFO Global Markets, HSBC Bank Plc

Aims and Objectives
The Finance Forum aims to be one of the leading voices of the financial community by bringing together key players from blue-chip and successful companies and representatives from major financial institutions. It also aims to provide a trusted space for open dialogue, to produce engaging recommendations and share best practices across the sector and also provide great networking opportunities."Funding innovation" and "Review and Perspectives of the financial regulations’ are examples of themes that have been discussed previously.

Aimed at: CFOs, Treasurers, senior representatives of financial, regulatory and academic institutions and Managing Directors of Corporate and Patron member companies.

Upcoming sessions

Next session will be on 21 February 2018 from 8.30 to 10.00 at the French Chamber.

Theme: Cryptocurrency: Money of Tomorrow (bitcoin, blockchain, etc.)
Guest speaker: Julian Kaljuvee, Co-founder, Founders Capital Ltd and Lucie Munier, Associate, Qadre
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Past sessions
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