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Biography of Yves Duhaldeborde
Senior Director, Talent & Rewards, Willis Towers Watson


Yves Duhaldeborde


Yves Duhaldeborde is a Senior Director in the Talent & Rewards segment of Willis Towers Watson, where he specializes in strategies aimed at leveraging employee perspectives, attitudes and behaviours to enhance business performance and employee experience.

In his early career, Yves worked for several years as a school teacher in France, Australia and in the Silicon Valley. He studied a Stanford, earning a Master’s degree in Language, Literacy and Culture and joined the firm in 1999, shortly after earning a Doctorate in the Economics of Education from Harvard. In his academic research, he specialized in applying statistical techniques typically used in the biosciences to understand the influence of job changes on individual labour market performance.

Yves’ research background is highly relevant today in the world of predictive HR analytics. When applied to model the careers of talents or employees in pivotal roles, the statistical methods Yves specialized in can help in the efficient allocation of resources to maximize engagement, reduce turnover within key employee segments, and identify the HR programs that have the biggest effect on employee productivity and business performance.

At Willis Towers Watson, Yves leads employee engagement programs for global and national companies, across a very wide range of sectors. He particularly enjoys partnering with the leadership teams of organizations that are on the path to high performance, first in the design of an engagement strategy aligned with their business strategy, and then in the prioritization, implementation and tracking of business improvement initiatives.

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