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Biography of Etienne Duval
Director & Founder, NewTownVision


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Etienne Duval is a UK-based Franco-British bilingual media-trainer, conference moderator and TV reporter. He is the founder and director of niche communications consultancy NewTownVision.

Etienne was educated in both France and Britain, reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics (P.P.E) at Oxford University before joining the BBC External Services. He left to set up as a free-lance correspondent and roving reporter for international media, initially in radio and print. He then worked for thirty years as a London-based TV correspondent and reporter for French, Belgian and Swiss TV stations. He made a number of TV documentaries, and reported from Asia, Europe and North America, covering events such as the the Bhopal disaster, Benazir Bhutto’s premiership, the Hong Kong handover and elections in the US, India, Pakistan and Taiwan.

Etienne still does some TV reporting, but now mainly focuses on training executives, spokespeople, academics and doctoral students to perform well in public or in front of a camera. He trains TV journalists in several countries and advises companies and institutions on video presentation. He regularly moderates conferences for universities and governement departments. He is Communications consultant for a London-based NGO, and an occasional author. He is based in London and Edinburgh.






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