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Economic Update

Chaired by Philippe Chalon, Director of External Affairs at International SOS & Managing Director of the Cercle d'outre-Manche

Philippe Chalon2015 deuxieme

Philippe joined International SOS, where he has been working within the Office of the Chairman and CEO on all cross-border issues related to France and the UK, in 2005.
He is responsible for developing and managing the Chairman and CEO’s interactions with the media, governmental agencies and other external parties with regards to Franco-British political and economic affairs. He also manages the French London-based think tank 'Le Cercle d’outre-Manche' (CoM) whose purpose is to compare the social and economic environments of both France and the UK. The CoM has developed a benchmarking approach in order to depict the best practice of the two countries and suggest new policy initiatives based upon this research. Philippe is the Rapporteur of the report on 'Création et développement d’entreprises en France' for the Institut Montaigne and a regular contributor to INFO Magazine. Philippe is a graduate of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Paris and Cambridge University.

Aims & Objectives

This Forum invites key personalities to present their views and analysis on current and forthcoming economic issues impacting our Franco-British business community. The aim of this Forum is to give access to relevant information, as well as insights on mid and long-term perspectives, on topical issues to all members.
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Our next Economic Update is to be confirmed.

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