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Biography of Dr Richard Maggs

Consulting Group Manager for the Air Quality Practice, Bureau Veritas UK. 

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Dr Richard Maggs is Consulting Group Manager for the Air Quality Practice at Bureau Veritas UK. He gained his PhD from Imperial College in 1996 having studied the impacts of air quality on agricultural systems in Pakistan, and having worked with the Punjab EPA to set up a number of pollution monitoring networks. After completion of his studies, Richard continued at Imperial College in the field of air quality where he researched the impacts of diesel particulates on lung function at the National Heart & Lung Institute; the impacts of traffic management schemes on personal exposure to pollutants and undertook a review on the critical loads of pollutants in relation to ecosystem changes in upland habitats. He specialises in the management of air quality networks and is current Project Director for the UK air quality compliance network and the national helpdesk for local Air Quality Management. He works closely with local authorities and businesses in respect of compliance on air quality.

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