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Biography of Professor Charlotte (Charlie) Burns
Professorial Fellow in Sustainable Growth at the University of Sheffield



She studied a BA in Philosophy and Politics at the University of York, and an MA in EU studies at the University of Newcastle. She then worked for two years in Brussels as a research assistant for the Chair of the European Parliament Environment Committee before commencing a PhD in Politics at the University of Sheffield. She held an ESRC post-doctoral fellowship at Sheffield, a lectureship in EU politics at the University of Aberystwyth, an RCUK fellowship in democracy and governance at the University of Leeds before joining the Environment Department at the University of York, where she was made Senior Lecturer in 2015.Charlie is currently a research leader for the UK in Changing Europe programme focussing upon environmental policy. The UK’s planned exit from the European Union has major ramifications for the future of environmental governance and cognate policy sectors such as agriculture, fisheries and energy. The UK’s environmental policy has been deeply europeanised and the environment is a devolved policy area; leaving the EU therefore raises a range of questions about the future distribution of competence across the nations of the UK, the level at which standards might be set and the principles that should inform future policy.The project involves a team of academics from across the UK that is working with stakeholders to develop scenarios and policy briefs to inform environmental futures in the UK. We have given evidence to a range of parliamentary enquiries and have a well-regarded blog which can be accessed from our website. We won insight of the year from the Environmental News Daily service (ENDs) in 2016-2017 for our work on the environmental implications of Brexit during the referendum campaign.




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