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Past BREXIT Forum sessions 

Date 11/04/2018
Theme Impact of Brexit on investment decisions: a case study from the automotive industry
Guest Speaker Guest speaker: Ian Henry, Director, AutoAnalysis 
Additional Resources More INFO coming soon

Date 07/02/2018
Theme The potential outcome of business regulations within the UK: Convergence or Divergence?
Guest Speaker Geoff Skingsley, Chairman, L'Oréal UK and Olivier Morel, Partner - Head of international at Cripps, Vice President of Marcalliance and Vice President of the French Chamber of Great Britain
Additional Resources

Business regulations and Brexit, article in INFO magazine March/April 2018

Date 16/01/2018
Theme BREXIT & UK Environmental Law: regulatory, corporate & consumer impact once we are 'out of the European framework'
Guest Speaker Professor Charlotte Burns, Professorial Fellow in Sustainable Growth at the University of Sheffield and Martina Macpherson, Partner, Sustineri & Chair, BoD, Network for Sustainable Financial Markets
Additional Resources Brexit and UK Environmental Law, article in INFO magazine March/April 2018

'December EU Summit: BREXIT breakthrough?'
Guest Speakers
Anna Wallace, Director of Political Relations, PwC

Theme 'The Government's point of view on the UK's future relationship with the EU' + Brainstorming on 2018 agenda
Guest Speakers Sir John Grant, Special Adviser, PwC & Former UK Ambassador to the EU, and James Dowler, Deputy Director for the Stakeholder Engagement Team, Department for Exiting the European Union
Additional Resources 'BREXIT Forum' article in INFO Magazine Nov/Dec 2017

Theme 'Regulations / Customs Union'
Guest Speakers Guest speakers: John Keefe, Director of Public Affairs, Eurotunnel Group and Lara Robinson, Principal Policy Adviser (EU negotiations), CBI
Additional Resources 'Border Patrol' article in INFO Magazine Sep/Oct 2017

'The Impact of Brexit on Talent and Mobility'
Guest Speakers

Julia Onslow-Cole, Partner, Legal Markets Leader & Global Head of Immigration, PwC and Jeremy Greaves, Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Strategy, Airbus Group UK

Additional Resources 'BREXIT: The impact on talent and mobility' article in INFO Magazine Jul/Aug 2017

Launching & Brainstorming Session
Additional Resources

'BREXIT Forum launches at French Chamber' article in INFO Magazine May/Jun 2017

'Meet the BREXIT FORUM Chairs' article in INFO Magazine Mar/Apr 2017


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