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Past Digital Transformation & Innovation Forum sessions 


Date 8 February 2018
Theme 'Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain: how these technologies will impact businesses'
Guest Speakers Sohail Raja, Head of Execution Platforms, Societe Generale CIB and Joseph Wreford, Strategy Consultant, Accenture
Additional Ressources The case for Blockchain, article in INFO magazine March/April 2018


Date 7 December 2017
Theme 'The issues and challenges regarding the protection of personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)’ + Brainstorming on 2018 agenda'
Guest Speakers
Eve-Christie Vermynck, Senior Associate, Baker & McKenzie LLP, and
Carole Gentil, Principal Financial Services / Digital Transformation, Capgemini UK plc
Additional Ressources 'General Data Protection Regulation: Issues and Challenges' article in INFO Magazine Jan/Feb 2018

28 September 2017

'Platforms: the number one wealth creators in the 21st century, or the emergence of new business models'

Guest Speakers Alizée Vasseur, International Digital Marketing Strategist and CMO, Buzz&Go and Benoit Reillier, Managing Director, Launchworks & Co
Additional Ressources 'Platforms: The New Business Model' article in INFO Magazine Nov/Dec 2017

Date 8 June 2017 
Theme 'The new customers, or how the Internet has changed the way we do business and consume'
Guest Speakers Antoine Baschiera, CEO, Early Metrics and Olivier Njamfa, CEO, Eptica
Additional Ressources 'Discover the new customer journey' article in INFO Magazine Jul/Aug 2017

Date 23 March 2017 
Theme Creating value in our 'Big Brother' data world
Guest Speakers Richard Hepworth, Director of Digital Transformation, PwC and Jérome Encrevé, Head of Data Analytics, NBIM
Additional Ressources

'BIG data, BIG value?article in INFO Magazine May/Jun 2017

Date 25 January 2017
Theme The Milennial Conundrum: How to attract and retain talent in a digital world
Guest Speakers
Jean-Remi Gratadour, Executive Director of HEC Paris Digital Center, Nicolas Taborisky, UK CEO, TheodoUK and Peter Wheeldon, SVP of Human Resources, Universal Music Group
Additional Ressources
'The millennial conundrum' article in INFO Magazine Mar/Apr 2017

23 November 2016
Launching & Brainstorming Session
Additional Ressources
'Digital Transformation is "essential"' article in INFO Magazine Jan/Feb 2017



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