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French VAT recovery services UK

VAT Recovery

UK companies doing business in France often incur French VAT on invoices. These businesses can recover this VAT through their own domestic returns using the Refund Scheme.

Typical costs which can be reclaimed from include:
 -Hotel and accommodation
 -Restaurant meals
 -Exhibition, event and conference costs
 -Marketing and promotional costs
 -Diesel / petrol
 -Road tolls
 -Car rental
 -Equipment and tooling purchases
 -Certain professional fees

Our service

The French Chamber of Commerce can help you to go through this complex and often confusing procedure due to the language barrier: your request has to be for some parts in French and the French authorities will reply to your Refund Scheme in French.

Our bilingual team will help you to submit your claims in English and in French, and speak directly to the VAT authorities on your behalf.

You will just need to authorise the Chamber to submit claims for you.

To process the claim, we need:

  • The original invoices;
  • A copy of the company's VAT / Tax certificate; and
  • A letter of authority.

We will then check the VAT on the invoices to ensure they are reclaimable, prepare the claim and submit it to the national authorities. If there is a hold-up, the Chamber can speak directly to the relevant VAT authority and resolve any queries.

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