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 The Chamber at a glance

Access to the right people and to the right information is critical to business success. This is what the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain is offering in the UK. Our membership includes world’s leading multinationals, middle-market companies as well as SMEs.
Our role is to give all our members the possibility of growing their business through a number of events, forums and briefing that the Chamber is organising. As the voice and representative body of Franco-British activities, our Chamber provides both business communities with the opportunity to exchange ideas, develop networks and influence policy makers both in the UK and in France.

Who better to talk about the Chamber than its members?
In this video our members share their experiences and views of the Chamber. Through testimonials and contributions from Chamber representatives, the video highlights how the Chamber can help businesses, whether big or small, French or British, and regardless of their stage of development with services



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Who we are

The French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain is part of a network of 120 French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad (CCI France International), which is the largest private French network in the world with a combined membership base of more than 30,000 companies. We are one of the top French Chambers worldwide.

 The largest Foreign Chamber in the UK today in terms of both turnover and range of services offered. We are also a member of the Council of Foreign Chambers in the UK.

We count more than 600 member companies - ranging from SMEs and entrepreneurs to blue chip companies. The diversity and quality of our members - 40% of which are non-French nationals - largely contributes to our success and to the reputation we have acquired over the last 134 years of existence.

Consult the French Chamber's Accounts and Articles of Association.


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Our policies are guided by a Board of 17 Directors responsible for all major decisions concerning the Chamber's strategy. The Board is assisted by an Advisory Council of 66 councilors, helping to increase the visibility and the efficiency of the Chamber.

What we do

Our main aims are to provide a platform for exchange and networking at the service of Franco-British firms in the UK, to promote our 600 members' interests to key decision makers and to help develop economic and commercial relations between France and the UK. Our Business Consultancy, Company Set up and Recruitment services provide both British and French companies with a large range of bespoke professional services.

The 60 events we organise every year, with personalities from the British and French political and business worlds, offer great opportunities for our members to develop their business and expand their network of contacts.

Additionally, our Forums, focusing on issues such as Human Resources, Cross-Cultural Relations, Economic, Financial and Legal, as well as our Luxury Club, offer our members dedicated platforms to exchange experiences at the highest level of management and to share best practices.
We take pride in the quality of our various publications, including our bimestrial magazine INFO, distributed to key decision makers, our members' directory, our business guides or e-newsletters. They all provide a wealth of information, help promote the interests of the Franco-British business community and provide extra visibility to our member companies.


Read the The French Chamber of Commerce history.


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